Vaginal Creams: Discreet and Effective

What To Do
While vaginal atrophy can be extremely uncomfortable, for most women it’s a problem that is easy to treat with a discreet and effective topical vaginal cream or internal vaginal lubricant. Often, relief can occur immediately and last anywhere from a few hours ways To keep your vagina Tight a few days after first using a restorative skin lubricant. If symptoms persist past two weeks or if they worsen, women should see their doctor.
An Effective Vaginal Cream
When looking for a treatment for vaginal dryness, a good place to start is with a non-medicated, over the counter vaginal cream. A product like PrivateRx External Vaginal Moisturizer, for example, is a non-greasy, non-staining cream that moisturizes the external areas of the vagina – making it an extremely effective and discreet method for treating vaginal atrophy. Made with essential anti-aging and skin care properties, External Vaginal Moisturizer helps to eliminate dryness and itching associated with skin deprived of needed hormones, specifically estrogen.
Other Benefits
A soothing vaginal external cream is not only effective in treating vaginal atrophy, but this discreet moisturizer is also designed to help maintain and improve the appearance of the vagina and skin surrounding the vulva. The PrivateRX line was developed by a New York-based gynecologist to treat vaginal dryness, promote intimate skin care by calming, soothing and improving the appearance of sagging skin around the genital area. Because of its natural and restorative ingredients, a discreet vaginal moisturizer can be implemented into a woman’s daily beauty routine.
Treating Frequent Vaginal Dryness
Between the ages of 40 and 59, about half of all women will experience vaginal dryness at some point. For women in their menopausal years, atrophy is one of the top 10 complaints. The symptoms can be so severe and debilitating, that they can interfere with a woman’s sex life and even prevent her from wearing certain types of clothing. In addition to using a natural, fortified vaginal cream, there are some other suggestions that experts recommend for preventing this problem.

Avoid fragrant soaps

Don’t use products or wear intimate clothing that contain dyes, perfumes or detergents

Wash clothing – specifically underwear and pantyhose- with fragrant, perfume and dye-free detergents.

Do not use mineral oil or petroleum jelly to lubricate the vagina during sex

Avoid latex condoms. Women who are allergic to latex can develop blisters, rashes and itching.

Don’t take bubble baths or use bath salts.

Don’t douche. With proper hygiene habits, the vagina is very good at staying clean and healthy. Many women are under the false impression that douching cleans the vagina, eliminates odor, and prevents sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. In actuality, douching can disrupt the acid levels in the vagina and lead to itching, dryness and infections.
There’s no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed about vaginal dryness. Discreet and effective treatment can eliminate vaginal atrophy and make life enjoyable again.